Volume 1 covers numbers and number systems, natural numbers, real numbers, complex numbers, sets, groups and symmetry, logic, computation, dynamical systems and chaos, and fractals.

Volume 2 covers real-valued functions, differential and integral calculus, applications of calculus, probability and statistics. In addition, it includes short biographies of 80 famous mathematicians.

Problems & Solutions has numerous problems pertaining to each chapter of the first two volumes, as well as solutions to all odd-number problems.

The Math Lover's Book Series

presents important branches of mathematics, including complex numbers, group theory, computation, fractals, calculus, probability and statistics. It also contains short biographies of 80 fascinating mathematicians throughout history.

Each of the first two volumes is divided into several chapters, each focused on a different area of math. The third volume provides problems and solutions.

David Terr

is a mathematician and computer scientist. He received a Ph.D. in mathematics from UC Berkeley (1997) and a Master’s degree in physics from the University of Chicago (1991).